Have you ever dreamt of spending an unforgettable holiday in an environmentally friendly way, without having to sacrifice anything? Sometimes, it also means travelling around at a slower pace, but don’t worry! In small and outstanding Slovenia, you can easily do so in an effortless fashion, and it is within everyone’s reach!

Slovenia is one of the greenest countries in the world – lying in the heart of Europe – which deserves that everyone does his utmost to preserve its fragile natural heritage and rich biodiversity.  As a result, exploring this destination in an environmentally friendly way means that every traveller should comply with responsible travel standards.

Cycling on a mountain road on a sunny day in Slovenia
Cycling holidays in Slovenia

Green mobility and slow tourism for great holidays 

When travelling around to discover Slovenia’s treasures, there are many opportunities for you to make your trip a more sustainable one. Of course, you can sightsee and explore the outdoors on foot or by bike. In this regard, Slovenia has a well-developed network of cycling routes, trails, and hiking paths. Active holidaymakers will love this. So simply take advantage of it while respecting the local environment!  

There is indeed nothing like a cycling holiday to discover a green paradise! Slovenia is idyllic given the beauty and tranquillity of its roads, the diversity of its landscapes, its stunning natural sites, the richness of its terroir, and its historical heritage. We will design together a cycling holiday that suits you, whatever your age and sporting ability, a unique experience to share as a couple, with family or friends. In short, ride just for pleasure! 

Travelling at a slower pace also means that you will reduce your carbon footprint while taking in the scenery surrounding you. Slow tourism is also a good opportunity to get an insight into the typical local lifestyle, traditions, and customs.  

To get to Slovenia, you may have several transportation options available. Needless to say, taking the train is the most eco-friendly solution, as Slovenia is well connected to its neighbouring countries. For example, you can conveniently get to Ljubljana by (night) train from Western European capitals – such as Paris, London, or Brussels – within 13 to 16 hours. As a result, an eco-friendly, unforgettable adventure awaits you! 

To get around Slovenia, taking the train is also an option. Although it may not be as convenient as travelling by car, there are plenty of sights and starting points for hiking that you can easily reach by train for a day trip or more.  

Woman looking out the window of a train
Travelling by train

Another green opportunity for touring Slovenia lies in hiring an electric car. The network of (fast) charging stations across the country has been rapidly expanding over the recent years. Nowadays, they can be found all over the country.  

Given the short travel distances between sights, driving an e-car is excellent for both your wallet and preserving the environment.  

Additionally, Slovenia boasts a lot of secret spots in which you will stay away from the crowds. Get off the beaten path and venture out into places that are lesser-known but equally beautiful, all to yourself! This will certainly be a rewarding experience for you.  

Pick the right accommodation and food

Throughout your journey in Slovenia, you can enjoy unique, authentic, and very comfy accommodations. Have you ever thought about staying at a comfortable farmhouse, at a lovely agritourism place surrounded by mountains or vineyards, or trying glamping? You will have a unique and unforgettable experience. At Velstana, we will always strive to book you small, eco-minded, and family-run accommodations during your journey.  

Food is one of the biggest pleasures when travelling abroad. That is why it is important to make your eating experience sustainable as well, with local and quality ingredients and respect for seasons and nature. In Slovenia, you can expect a strong farm-to-table tradition. In other words, you will be able to taste delicious local cuisine in traditional-style or farmhouse restaurants serving dishes based on ingredients found in their immediate surroundings.   

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