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Beautiful panoramic view of vineyards of Collio, Italy

Slovenia is not only about pristine and well-preserved nature, hospitable people, and rich cultural heritage, it is also a place where you can relax, forget about your daily routine, recharge your inner batteries and truly enjoy life. Not only Italy has its dolce vita. 

Full relaxation at wellness and spa resorts

Slovenia boasts not only stunning mountains, a warm sea, and well-preserved forests, but it is also a land of water and spas. There are as many as 87 hot springs in the country, that are a source of health and well-being. The thermos-mineral waters accompanied by healing mud and peat, seawater, brine, and saline mud make Slovenia a perfect destination for relaxing and healing spa holidays. You can either integrate a little thermal and spa break in your road trip to Slovenia or even dedicate your entire holidays to it!

Slovenian natural thermal resorts are classified into 9 indication areas. You can choose the ideal resort for you based on the region you would like to go to or on what your body needs, what your inner self wishes, and what kind of holidays with your loved ones you are looking for.

There are numerous reasons to visit Slovenian spa resorts. In every corner of the country natural healing remedies, each of which has its own beneficial effects on health and well-being.

Slovenian health resorts are in symbiosis with their surrounding environment. During your stay, you will enjoy delicious food prepared with fresh local ingredients.

If you want to make your spa experience even more unforgettable, choose a unique accommodation! In addition to traditional hotel facilities, many resorts offer out-of-the-box boutique accommodations in the middle of nature. Themed glampings, often based on local traditions, offer all the comfort you need while bringing you closer to nature.

Last but definitely not least, many spa resorts have a strategic position, so you can use them as a base camp to travel around and explore this amazing country.

Cyclists on the famous Wine Road in the shape of a heart, a charming region on the border between Austria and Slovenia with green rolling hills, vineyards, picturesque villages and wine taverns
Cyclists on the famous Wine Road, Slovenia

Treat yourself to the best of Slovenian cuisine

Slovenian cuisine is another very good reason to travel to this stunning destination. The local food is hearty and delicious. Slovenia lies at the crossroads of four unique culinary worlds. Here you will experience the influence of Mediterranean, Alpine, Balkan, and Pannonian cuisines. Slovenian food, however, stands apart from each of them and has its specific flavour. It is very green and sustainable, as it uses seasonal ingredients. As the food has always been prepared in harmony with nature, typical dishes are as varied as Slovenian landscapes. You should taste the best from Slovenian beehives, salt-pans, oil mills, and cellars.

Even though the dishes vary from one region to another, and sometimes the dish with the same name can have different ingredients or slightly different ways of cooking according to the region, there are a few must-try local foods that you should not miss during your journey.

Kranjska klobasa is one of them. You will find it everywhere in the country. You can either enjoy it as it is or try it in one of the local specialties.

Idrijski Žlikrofi or simply Idrian dumplings is another symbol of Slovenian cuisine. Thanks to its unique recipe and ingredients, Idrian dumplings are protected by geographic origin.

Slovenian cuisine boasts quite a few excellent desserts as well. For instance, taste the famous kremna rezina, originating from the region of Lake Bled, or Prekmurian layer cake – Prekmurska gibanica. Local gastronomy has another treasure – pumpkin seed oil. You can find it as a dressing for your salad or in more original combinations, for instance with ice cream!

To find out more about Slovenian cuisine you can check out our blog.

Wine tasting
Wine tasting

The most underestimated wine destinations in Europe

After a long day of exploring Slovenia, make yourself comfortable and sip a glass of wine. You will not be disappointed!

Viticulture in this country has long been overshadowed by neighbouring Italy, but Slovenia is far from being a new wine producer. Winemaking in this country dates back to 400 B.C. Slovenia is even home to the oldest vine in the world, which you can admire in the city of Maribor in the Eastern part of the country. There are three main wine-growing regions in Slovenia: Primorska, Podravje, and Posavje.

More and more amateurs and connoisseurs have started recognising Slovenia for its exceptional wine-making. The country has even won multiple international awards recently.

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