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Devetaki cave, Bulgaria

Natural and supernatural closely co-exist in Bulgaria….

Bulgaria has a magical power : mesmerising sceptics and turning them into believers !

Would you dare to travel through another dimension ? A dimension where breathtaking landscapes, natural wonders, centuries-long folklore traditions, and intriguing history intermingle with otherworldly energy. 

It is easier than you think, and we know a way !

Bulgaria is full of mystical sites, be they peculiar natural phenomena or mysterious and energetic landmarks.  

There are fascinating stories, legends, and tales about each of these places that will certainly capture your attention. It is an integral part of Bulgaria’s history and folklore. Exploring these enigmatic and sometimes highly energetic spots is a powerful experience that goes off the beaten track and will appeal to you, irrespective of your age or beliefs.

Ancient stone bridge, Devil's bridge, Ottoman architecture, Kardzhali region, Bulgaria
Spectacular view of the Devil’s bridge, Kardzhali region, Bulgaria

Peculiar and fascinating (super) natural rock formations

You will never come back twice to exactly the same place

There are mesmerising rock sites scattered in different parts of Bulgaria, as by the hand of an unknown magician. Nature itself designed miracles that no human could imitate. Fantastical shapes, bizarre light games – every site is unique and different each time you visit it, thanks to a never-ending process of rock formation by wind, water, and gravity. Even if you come back twice on the same day, you will likely not recognise the place ! Just sit, take a deep breath and let the energy fill your body.  

Nature is an amazing creator

Belogradchick is a stunning example with its perfect blend of a man-made fortress and nature-made peculiar rocks, forming together an idyllic picture. 

You may not be aware that Bulgaria has its own pyramids ! They are not as big as in Egypt, but definitely not less interesting ! You can reach them after a short hike from the town of Melnik or on the road towards UNESCO-listed Rila monastery. 

And that is just a little foretaste of what is awaiting you in Bulgaria !

Sandstone pyramids, Melnik, Bulgaria
Remarkable sandstone pyramids, Melnik, Southwestern Bulgaria

Bulgarian underworld

As above, so below

Bulgaria will surprise you not only from above but also from below. There are numerous caves of different sizes, shapes, and depths all over the country. Some of them are very well arranged and illuminated, which makes them suitable for visitors with children, while others are more authentic, where you can feel like a real Indiana Jones with a headlight on your helmet crawling in dark narrow tunnels surrounded with stalactites and stalagmites.

Ancient civilisations heritage

The most mysterious and the least known civilisation

Everybody knows Machu Picchu, but we can bet that just a few of you have heard about Perperikon ! And this place is definitely worth a trip ! The site was already inhabited 5000 B.C., but what is more interesting is its more recent history (1500 B.C.) when it was a tremendous city with a sophisticated urban organisation that belonged to the Thracians, one of the most mysterious ancient civilisations. In Perperikon, you will see, among other fascinating discoveries, an altar that the Thracians used to perform their rituals, including that of fire. In addition, the Rhodope Mountains are home to many mysteries surrounding the legend of Orpheus, including his tomb. 

The ancient Thracian city of Perperikon, Bulgaria
The archeological mystery site of Perperikon, Bulgaria

Bulgarian Nostradamus

Everything is predestined

Bulgaria hosted the famous mystic and clairvoyant, Baba Vanga. She allegedly predicted the collapse of the Soviet Union, the Chernobyl disaster, and the date of Stalin’s death, among other things. When Vanga was alive, a large number of people, including politicians, actors, singers, etc., went to her house located in a small village in Southwestern Bulgaria to meet with her. Nowadays, the valley at the foothill of a dormant volcano where Baba Vanga used to live still attracts many visitors as a strong, energetic site. 

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