Slovenia is known as Europe’s green paradise and is well-advanced when it comes to protecting its biodiversity and promoting sustainable tourism. It did not come as a surprise when it was awarded the first green country in the world in 2016 by the Green Destinations international organisation.

Velstana has always been committed to sustainability and will always encourage travellers to reach and get around their destinations by minimising their carbon footprint. Leaving minimal negative environmental impact is what we strive for at Velstana.

Wild brown bear mother with her cubs walking and searching for food in the forest and mountains of the Notranjska region in Slovenia
Wild brown bears, Slovenia

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Slovenia is well connected to its neighbouring countries like Italy, Austria, and Croatia. As a result, it is easy and comfortable for travellers willing to favour green mobility to get to this small Alpine country by train – or night train with sleeping cars – from Western European countries. And note that Slovenia is also part of the European Interrail network.

For example, if you live in Western Europe, you can conveniently get to Ljubljana by train through Zurich, Munich, or Austria with only one or two transfers at most. The ride takes about 13 hours from Brussels and Geneva, 14 hours from Paris and Amsterdam, and 16 hours from London. And from Milan, it takes less than 8 hours! An environment-friendly, unforgettable adventure awaits you!

To get around Slovenia, taking the train is also an option. Although it may not be as convenient as travelling by car, there are plenty of sights and starting points for hiking that you can easily reach by train for a day trip or more.

Another green opportunity for touring Slovenia lies in hiring an electric car. The network of (fast) charging stations across the country has been rapidly expanding over the recent years. Nowadays, they can be found all over the country. In addition, an increasing number of accommodation providers have become aware of the importance of reducing carbon emissions, and have therefore installed charging facilities on site.

Given the short travel distances between sights, driving an e-car is excellent for both your wallet and preserving the environment. And you will not have to make unnecessary stops, as points of interest are so close to one another.

If you are looking for active holidays, you will fall in love with Slovenia for its extensive network of cycling routes and hiking trails. There is indeed nothing better than discovering at your own pace its stunning landscapes by (electric) bike or on foot. Your health will thank you for this, as well as the environment.

Cycling on a mountain road on a sunny day in Slovenia
Cycling holidays in Slovenia

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