Local cuisine is a very good reason to travel to Slovenia. This fascinating country lies at the crossroads of four unique culinary worlds. Here you will experience the influence of Mediterranean, Alpine, Balkan, and Pannonian cuisines. Slovenian food, however, stands apart from each of them and has its specific flavour. It is very green and sustainable. As the food has always been prepared in harmony with nature, typical dishes are as varied as Slovenian landscapes. You should taste the best from Slovenian beehives, salt-pans, oil mills, and cellars.

Famous Slovenian cake, Kremna rezina
The original Bled cake, Kremna Rezina

Numerous typically local dishes and beverages are worth discovering. Do not miss the most famous ones, namely:

Idrijski Žlikrofi

Famous dumplings originating from the city of Idrija. They are prepared from homemade dough and filled with potato stuffing. Idrijski dumplings have a very recognizable shape. The recipe has existed since the middle of the 19th century. Because of their unique production and recipe, Idrijski Žlikrofi are officially protected by geographic origin.

Kranjska klobasa

Slovenian sausage that any meat-lover shouldn’t miss for the world! It is the perfect combination of flavours, that has been blended together by generations of babica (grandmother). It consists of the best pork meat with bacon every cooker adds also its secret ingredient. You will find kranjska klobasa all over Slovenia. You can simply eat it alone or combined with other local dishes. In both cases, it is very delicious!

Štruklji – rolled dumplings

Štruklji is another very popular and tasty Slovenian dish. Rolled dumplings have been cooked since the 16th century when it was part of the monastery cuisine. Later on, it was established as a middle-class festive meal. Nowadays štruklji is a popular side dish that is usually served with meat or sauces. The sweet version of this dish is a delicious dessert.

Kraški pršut

The golden standard of Slovenian cured meat, kraški pršut is also known as Karst prosciutto or simply Karst ham. It is a dry-cured ham with more than a hundred years old tradition. Nowadays manufacturers of this renowned ham have kept the traditional methods of preparation. This, along with the unique climate of Karst region, contributes to the distinguished taste of this mouth-watering ham.


Slovenian meal usually starts with a juha (soup), especially during winter months. There is a broad diversity of them for any taste and preference. For starters, it is often a beef or chicken broth or a mushroom soup. There are also other “thicker” varieties that can be served as a simple and inexpensive meal, for instance, barley soup – highly appreciated by the locals.

Pumpkin seed oil

Pumpkin seed oil is a special treasure of Slovenian gastronomy. You can dress your salads with this sublime oil, and many restaurants will surprise you by using it in truly unexpected but very tasty combinations. For instance, would you fancy pumpkin seed oil with ice cream? 😉


Potica is the most typical Slovenian desert. It is a rolled pastry made of leavened paper-thin dough filled with different fillings, which change according to the season and region. The most common is walnut filling.

Kremna Rezina

That is a Slovenian favourite dessert originating from the Bled region that can also be found everywhere in the country. It is a luscious creamy cake with a crispy pastry as a base. The perfect combination of the two makes kremna rezina irresistible.

Prekmurska gibanica

Prekmurska gibanica or Prekmurian layer cake is another Slovenian dessert you should try while exploring the country. It is an old festive and ceremonial dessert that originates from the eastern region of Mura River. Due to its unique recipe and unrepeatable flavor, Prekmurska gibanica has protected designation of origin and it is regarded as one of the national gastronomic delicacies.

Slovenian wine

Slovenia is one of the most underestimated wine destinations in Europe. Viticulture in this country has long been overshadowed by neighboring Italy, but Slovenia is far from being a new wine producer. Winemaking in this country dates back to 400 B.C. Slovenia is even home to the oldest vine in the world, which you can admire in the city of Maribor in the Eastern part of the country.

More and more amateurs and connoisseurs have started recognising Slovenia for its exceptional wine-making. The country has even won multiple international awards recently.

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